About Bhutani Infra

Some believe many good leaders are born not made, yet not many can remain strong leaders unless they constantly sharpen their skills and look for ways to grow. At Bhutani Group, that remains our greatest impetus in growth. With the highest standards of deliveries and return on investment all across Delhi and NCR over the last two decades, Bhutani Group is on a continuous trajectory of evolution inspired by and creating best practices in the world of development.

Backed by a decade's worth of experience and an abundance of expertise, the Bhutani Group has pioneered conceptualization and execution of upscale real estate projects in the retail, commercial segments which includes the most advanced IT office spaces. In addition to the already wide array of traditional services it offers, it also sees projects through each stage right from site acquisition, designing and development to construction, marketing and sales.

In a very short span of time the Group has left strong footprints in the entire spectrum of real estate development, creating and managing several projects across Delhi NCR and has done so by assuring its clients and business partners a sense of utmost quality, timely deliveries and reliability.

Parmesh Complex

Parmesh Complex I

Parmesh Complex II

Parmesh Business Center I

Parmesh Business Center II

Parmesh Corporate Tower

Ashish Bhutani
CEO, Bhutani Group

Ashish is a young and dynamic corporate leader spearheading the Bhutani Group's success story. Having completed MBA from the University of Cardiff, UK and graduation from University of Sheffield, UK, he brings a global outlook towards commercial real estate development in India. He has travelled extensively across the world and is applying all of his know-how on global best practices in his projects.

He is not only a corporate captain focused on project conceptualization and delivery, but also a thought leader who contributes to various social causes, from rural development and healthcare to education. To take this thought forward He has taken several initiatives under the CSR arm of Bhutani Group "Bhutani Care". He firmly believes that all the children in our country as well as the entire world should be empowered with quality education so that they can make a difference in their own lives and to their families and the society at large.

Sanchit Bhutani
CFO, Bhutani Group

As the CFO of the Bhutani Group, Sanchit Bhutani is responsible for all the financial oversight, strategic planning and execution. He believes in creating long-term brand equity and values for the Group through strategic design and seamless implementation of lean business initiatives in the areas of financial management, operations, strategic sourcing, and CRM among others.

It is due to his sharp business acumen and customer service centric mindset, the Bhutani Group has delivered two of the most successful commercial real estate projects in India: I-Thum, WSM and Alphathum. All the projects are located in the NCR.

Amish Bhutani
Vice President, Bhutani Group

A high-spirited, multi-faceted professional with distinguished expertise. Armed with a MD General Medicine degree from the renowned institute, Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College',completed his internship from Hindu Rao Hospital (Delhi) and with his expansive knowledge, he edified himself from Himalayan Hospital (Dehradun). But his immense mastery in the real estate business and his sound technical acumen has earned him a reputation of being one of the brightest thought leaders in the Bhutani Group.


Global is local

We live in an increasingly international society and our each project recognises and adapts to the changing world. Be it a home, commercial or entertainment space, our facilities open up the world to their inhabitants and users.

Co-Created Cultures

We believe that it is the public and common spaces of a development that define its culture. We aim to make these spaces immensely interactive and work friendly. As the traditional workspace dissolves into a borderless ecosystem, the entire complex serves to be an office space creating vibrant and buzzing environment in each of our developments.


A division of study at Bhutani Infra, this stream encourages our architects and engineers to deliver solutions and breakthroughs that are most efficient and flexible to the changing dynamics of an continuously evolving world.


Working and living spaces of the future will look, act and behave like nothing in the present. The human and concrete form will exist in a symbiotic relationship. At Bhutani Infra, we recognise this shift is already underway. And our solutions are designed to not only recognise this paradigm but stay ahead of the curve. More than buildings, we endeavor to create living and breathing organisms that are as intelligent as they are adaptive.

Our DNA is one of innovation. It is what drives and excites. For we believe, there is no nobler pursuit than to evolve society through industry leading breakthroughs. Beyond the dust and grime of everydayness, we look at making an impact on the world that is positive and palpable through bettering all the lives we touch, be it our clients, associates or the labour that works on our projects.



A L SOFTWEB PVT LTD is a subsidiary sompany of PARMESH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD. This company provides commercial building construction services. Grandthum is current project of this company.its located in the prominent area of Greater Noida commercial district (Noida Extension), the project consists of twin-stories retail with two office towers connected above and a two Level underground parking below ...


MAX DIGI INFOTECH PVT LTD is a subsidiary company of PARMESH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD. This company provides commercial building construction services. Cyberthum is a current project of this company.its stands at the cutting edge of technology that drives tomorrow. Part of a 26.8 Acre mixed use development, it is the definition and the benchmark of what tomorrow's landmarks will be built on.